Advocacy Day 2023

By Life Sciences Pennsylvania (other events)

Tuesday, April 25 2023 8:00 AM 5:00 PM EDT

Each year Life Sciences Pennsylvania provides a platform for our member companies to come to Harrisburg, receive a short briefing on the latest issues, and attend meetings with key legislators and staff. 

The hallmark of effective advocacy is the ability to tell your story. You don’t need to study public policy or be up-to-date on the latest policy debates to be effective.  You simply need to have a concise description of your organization, demonstrate your passion for innovation, and explain who it will help.  Realizing that most legislators are not regularly exposed to the life sciences and are not scientists themselves, this is a great opportunity to educate and inform all of our new legislators in Harrisburg.  Additionally, you don’t need to know your way around the capitol building, we’ll have group leaders to guide you along the way. 

Your voice is needed in the halls of Harrisburg!

If you have any questions, please contact Kurt Imhof, [email protected]

*There is no cost to attend this members-only event

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